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TAE Credit Master Saves You Thousands Of Dollars!

"This Is Not Some Black Hat Click Bot!!"

TAE Credit Master Software

TAE Credit Master Is Not Just Software:

"It's A Complete Marketing System!"

("See Our Demo Video Below!")

TAE Advertising Exchanges Are Some Of The
Most Responsive Advertising Resources

TAE (Text Ad Exchange) Websites Have Quickly Become The
Most Effective Form Of Online Advertising Available.

These TAE Ad Exchanges Use Incentive Based Advertising,
With Members Being Rewarded With Advertising Credits,
Which They Can Trade For Their Own Advertising.

One Of The Best Forms Of Advertising
That TAE Ad Exchanges Use, Are Solo Email Ads.
These Solo Ads Have A Link In Them That When Clicked,
Opens A Website With A Timer That Counts Down.
When The Timer Reach's "0" Members Are Rewarded
With Advertising Credits.

What TAE Credit Master Does,
Is Scan The Solo Email Ads For You,
Then Clicks The Credit Link, Opening Each Site In A New Tab,
Allowing You To View Each Website Much Faster!

It Saves You The Time It Takes To Open Each Email,
Search For The Credit Link, Click The Credit Link,
Then Delete Each Email And, Open Another One!

"TAE Credit Master Does All Of That For You!"
You Just View The Sites And Close The Tabs!

Click Play To See It In Action!

Advertiser Benefits:

Helps You Build Referrals On Hundreds Of TAE Ad Sites!

Helps You Build Credits On Hundreds Of TAE Ad Sites!

Helps You Build Affiliate Commissions!

Gives You More Time To Promote!

Site Owner Benefits:

Improves Your Site's Click Through Ratio's!

Helps Make Your Site More Active!

Helps Bring New Members To Your Site!

Allows Your Offers To Be Seen More Often!

"TAE Credit Master Benefits Everyone!"

This Is Not A Fully Automated Software,
However, Our Software Will Save You A Huge
Amount Of Time Spent On Clicking For Credits!

TAE Credit Master Will Allow You To Earn
In A Fraction Of The Normal Time It Would Take You!

Our Software Currently Supports Over

Works With Windows XP/Vista/7/8, Mac Osx,
Linux Version Coming Soon!!

"Affiliates Earn Commissions Here!"

We Pay A Very Generous 25% Affiliate Commissions To You,
For Everyone You Refer Here, That Purchases Our Program!

"Super Sized Referral Builder!"

We Have Over "300" TAE Advertising Exchanges
Listed On Our Referral Builder Page Inside!
PLUS Our Software NOW Supports OVER 800 Sites!!!
TExt Ad Exchanges, Viral Mailers, Credit Safelists and MORE!!!!

So How Much Is All Of This Worth?

Considering The Amount Of Time You Will Save Plus,
The Amount Of Free Advertising Credits You Can Earn,
Along With Earning Affiliate Commissions,
While Building Your Referrals On Hundreds Of Sites,
We Could Easily Charge $997
For Such A Complete System!!

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Gmail Backup Software
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Gmail Backup Will Login To Your Gmail Account For You,
Then Downloads Your Solo Credit Emails Effortlessly!

So How Much Is All Of This Worth Now?

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